Apr 10, 2010

ColdFusion Builder - Project Support

ColdFusion Builder is a brand new IDE from Adobe for building ColdFusion applications. ColdFusion Builder is based on Eclipse and can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com/products/coldfusion/buy/#cfb.

In this series I will be explaining about creating Projects/Applications in ColdFusion Builder. CF Builder provides wizards for creating projects. It also provides wizards for creating CFCs, CFMs and CF Interfaces. I would like to cover the latter in the next post. In this post I will be explaining the project creation with CF Builder.

To get started with creating Projects switch to ColdFusion perspective. The project creation wizard can be invoked from four places:

  • Start page -> ColdFusion project.
  • File -> New -> ColdFusion project
  • Clicking New ColdFusion project Icon on the toolbar.
  • Right click Navigator view and select New -> ColdFusion Project.
The 'New ColdFusion project' page is as shown below:

Enter your 'Project Name' as say 'ProjectTest'. By default the project location would point to the current workspace location. De-select 'Use Default Location' and specify a location under webroot of your ColdFusion Server in this case it would be 'C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\ProjectTest'. Here I have created a folder under  webroot by name 'ProjectTest'. Click on next to continue.

The Server details page allows the user to associate a server with the project. Once the server is associated with the project Sample URL field will be populated (this is not editable). Therefore make sure you create a project within the webroot of your ColdFusion server. There are various workflows involved in adding a new server/associating a server to the IDE such as adding a remote server, specifying virtual hosts and virtual directory which I would like to cover in coming posts. In this post I will associate the project with an already added server.

Here I have associated a localhost server whose server home is 'C:\ColdFusion9' and webroot is 'C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot'. Since the project is under the webroot the Sample URL is populated with 'http://localhost:8500/projecttest'. There is also an option provided for specifying an external browser. The specified external browser would be invoked when the project is run. Click on Next and you will be prompted to specify Linked folder.

A link folder allows you to associate external files within a project. Say you have created a project outside webroot (c:\NewProject) and would like to make files inside webroot(c:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\cfc) to be available to this project.

You can select 'Use Link Folder Name to Resolve CFCs' to see a list of CFCs present in the link directory in content assist. The CFM/CFC files from the webroot can be run within the IDE by switching to one of internal browsers.