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Adding beforeRender and afterRender functions to a Backbone View

I was working on a Backbone application that updated the DOM when a response was received from the server. In a Backbone View, the initialize method would perform some operations and then call the render method to update the view. This worked fine, however there was scenario where in I wanted to perform some tasks before and after rendering the view. This can be considered as firing an event before and after the function had completed its execution. I found a very simple way to do this with Underscore's wrap method.

Some useful Underscore methods

I like jQuery and I use it in all my projects. Lately I've been looking into Design Patterns and Backbone framework. Backbone has a dependency on Underscore and more often than not, people use Underscore as a client-side templating engine when using Backbone. I was looking at the Underscore documentation and came across a bunch of useful methods.

Goodbye 2012

2012 has just gone by and all I can say is that, it has been yet another eventful year. The biggest thing that happened to me was my new job at Myntra. It has been two months since I joined my new employer and I'm liking my new work. I had started last year with a few goals (I don't like calling them as resolutions) and the very first one was to reduce weight. I had met with an accident in 2011 (a terrible one) and had to stay at home for two months. And by staying at home and munching all that good food, I had put on some extra weight and wanted to loose it desperately. I think I almost cleared that goal and now I'm proud of it.