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Steve Jobs - An insanely brilliant man passes away

Today when I woke up and switched on the Television to see what's making the news; I heard about Steve Jobs death. For the first time in my life, I'm feeling very sorry for a tech giant who passed away. Steve was an extraordinary human being. He kissed success not just once but many times. He changed the way we experience technology. His charisma, passion and more importantly desperation to do something great is matchless.

He gave the world the Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad and many other products. Sometimes people say 'Why to reinvent the wheel?'; this man did reinvent the wheel and revolutionized the way we perceive technology. With Macintosh, he changed the way we compute. When I work on a Mac machine at office, I can feel its simplicity and power at the same time. It feels awesome when I hit the keys of a Mac keyboard or when I scroll using the mouse. And of course the monitor, what you experience on it is amazing. 

iPhone defined what a smartphone should be like. It was introduced when everyone was talking about smart phones and few thought that they really owned one. Everyone went gaga once the iPhone was introduced in the market and it became the hottest product on the planet. Competitors like Nokia, HTC, Samsung followed soon and produced their own range of smart phones. Apple reinvented the wheel and others followed. Not to forget the iPad, the tablet PC. Though it was Microsoft that popularized the tablet PC in earlier days, it was Apple that reinvented the wheel again and introduced this amazing product. Again competitors followed soon and produced their own range of tablet PCs. I don't think someone has manufactured a product that comes close to an Apple iPod. The first gift that I gave my girlfriend was a third generation iPod nano. Its size and sound quality is breathtaking.

Apple grew not just because of the great products that it gave to its consumers, but it was this mans' charisma on stage that made Apple so insanely successful. His presentation skills were exemplary. Today it's not just a great loss to Apple, but to this entire nation. I salute him for what he did in his life. May his soul rest in peace.


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