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2011 - A year full of surprises

I know it's been more than 15 days since the world celebrated new year and every one made some big and small resolutions which they hope they will live up to in this year. I had a fair 2011; there were a few ups and downs but in the end its gone and 2012 is here. Last year I presented ColdFusion Builder 2 at SOTR on the very day it was released to the public (how exciting!!). I was very much excited and nervous at the same time since this was my first talk at a conference. Nevertheless it went well, I have said this before and will say it again, 'Edinburgh is beautiful'.

Last year I started to look at HTML5 features and had shared them on my blog. I thank the community for appreciating my work and findings. A few things that didn't really work out was making money through facebook applications. I had created a couple of facebook apps (you can call them silly, well all facebook apps are silly) and unfortunately I didn't get anything from it. But sooner, I realized that I didn't enjoy it and shifted my focus to something that I liked - blogging. I started blogging about HTML5, ColdFusion and CFBuilder often which made me feel happy about myself. I became a 'DZone Most Valuable Blogger' and that made me say 'I am wow'. During that time, I bought a domain with my name and got rid of the blogspot from my blog address.

I read quite a few books, but the one that really stood out was the 'Voice of Silence' by Osho. It's a book on meditation and it shares several aspects of life that one should know. I felt really happy after reading this book. Every page of this book has something that one should know. Several teachings of Buddha and Mahavira have been shared. It took a lot of frustration out of me and made me love myself.

When everything was going just fine, I met with a road accident that shook my life and more than that my right leg. Was that my fault? No. Hell No. A street dog came out of nowhere giving me no chance but to ride my bike over it. I fell on my right and broke my left hand wrist and my right leg knee. The doctors had put screws and asked me to take rest for the next two months. I can say 'I'm screwed; literally'. After two months, I walked into the office and it was a joy. Now, I'm almost back on my feet and feeling good. Oh by the way, someone gifted me a book titled 'Corporate Chanakya' from my wishlist. Like I said, last year was full of surprises.

This year, I hope there'll be good surprises and no accidents at all. My first resolution this year is to get fit. I have put on a few kilos and will have to shed them asap. This year will also see the release of the next version of ColdFusion and I plan to blog about the features once the public beta is released (very very soon). My next resolution is to dedicate more time to my family. At the end of the day, it's my family that makes me feel special than anyone else. And lastly, I hope this year is not the end of the world and I'll live up to see a beautiful sunny day in 2013.


  1. 2011 was also the year we met. Thank you for the good times at SOTR in Edimburgh. I hope you'll be next for the next one...

    So lang my friend... and happy new year!!

    Damien Bruyndonckx

    1. Hey Damien, a very happy new year to you too!! It was nice meeting you and others at SOTR.

  2. I wish you have never met an accident but there are many things in the world can not be predicted but drive safe and careful henceforth... but you got so many good things after that, your frustration got out of you and you started loving yourself.Most important you have got very nice wishlist for new year...

    Few Kg extra, no problem buddy. keep watching TV post midnight, you will get many solutions :)LOL!!!

    looking forward for more blogs on HTML5.

    1. Thanks. This book (Voice of Silence) is a very good read and I've learnt a lot from it.

      Post midnight!! hahaha, looks like you watch it regularly :)

      BTW, it feels kind of strange replying to 'Anonymous'.

    2. Sure I will try to read if I get this book. I don't watch tv now a days but she was my old gf n we spent lots of time together so I knw what time wat kind of program will come. Sometime Being Anonymous is good for tension free life.


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