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Goodbye 2012

2012 has just gone by and all I can say is that, it has been yet another eventful year. The biggest thing that happened to me was my new job at Myntra. It has been two months since I joined my new employer and I'm liking my new work. I had started last year with a few goals (I don't like calling them as resolutions) and the very first one was to reduce weight. I had met with an accident in 2011 (a terrible one) and had to stay at home for two months. And by staying at home and munching all that good food, I had put on some extra weight and wanted to loose it desperately. I think I almost cleared that goal and now I'm proud of it.

Another great thing I did was to go on a long vacation with my wife. The vacation was for eleven days - four days in Kuala Lumpur and seven days in Bali. My wife and I had not been on a vacation since our last trip to Thailand and we decided to take a break from our routine work and enjoy some time together. Four days in Kuala Lumpur were good but not great, however when we arrived at Bali we knew there is something good in store for us. Bali is absolutely breathtaking; the beaches, temples, mountains, rice terraces and those sunset views were fantastic. However, there was one moment that stood out for me - watching Dolphins in their natural habitat. If you're planning to take a break I would strongly recommend this place. Most of them take a vacation when they are getting married or when they have to take a mandatory sabbatical or during the holiday season. I took my vacation in the middle of the year and I can tell you that it was the right choice I made.

Last year was supposed to be the 'last year' according to the Mayans. I know everyone must have had a laugh about it; on that day I was contemplating on the series of events that had been happening in my country. A girl was raped by six men in a moving bus and was hit with an iron rod and then thrown out of the bus. She suffered several injuries and about two weeks later she passed away. Alright the world did not come to an end but it ain't a world that anyone would want to live in. People may protest, light candles and give interviews on television but these events will happen again. I'm very much saddened by these happenings. Will 2013 be any different? I can only hope for it.


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