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A cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts in ColdFusion Builder

In my last post I have explained about keyboard shortcuts in ColdFusion Builder 2.0. This blog post contains a list of all shortcut keys and I have listed these keyboard shortcuts based on the categories that it falls into. Well, this post was not planned since users can easily get to know the keyboard shortcuts by navigating to the preferences (ColdFusion -> Profiles -> Keys). However, I met Joshua at Scotch on the rocks in Edinburgh and he suggested that it would be nice to have the list of keyboard shortcuts handy. So this post is for those who would like to have the list with them and refer it whenever required.

Keyboard shortcuts for inserting text:

These are the keyboard shortcuts which are used to insert some text into the editor:

Command Keyboard shortcuts on Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Mac
Insert anchor tag CTRL + T, L CMD + T, L
Insert bold tag CTRL + T, B CMD + T, B
Insert br tag CTRL + T, R CMD + T, R
Insert cfabort CTRL + T, A CMD + T, A
Insert cfdump CTRL + T, D CMD + T, D
Insert cfscript block CTRL + T, S CMD + T, S
Insert cfset CTRL + T, = CMD + T, =
Insert HTML comment CTRL + T, / CMD + T, /
Insert Italic tag CTRL + T, I CMD + T, I
Insert nbsp tag CTRL + T, N CMD + T, N
Insert p tag CTRL + T, P CMD + T, P
Insert strong tag CTRL + T, K CMD + T, K
Wrap in ## CTRL + T, H CMD + T, H
Wrap in cfoutput CTRL + T, O CMD + T, O
Wrap in try catch CTRL + T, T CMD + T, T
Wrap/Unwrap in CF comment CTRL + T, M CMD + T, M
Wrap/Unwrap in CF script comment CTRL + SHIFT + 8 CMD + SHIFT + 8
Wrap in double quotes CTRL + SHIFT + ' CMD + SHIFT + '
Wrap in single quotes CTRL + ' CMD + '

Keyboard shortcuts for invoking wizards:

There are various wizards in ColdFusion Builder, now you can invoke these wizards using a keyboard shortcut:

Command Keyboard shortcuts on Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Mac
Add CF Server CTRL + ALT + W, A CMD + ALT + W, A
Import CF Project CTRL + ALT + W, I CMD + ALT + W, I
Launch RDS Query Builder CTRL + ALT + W, R CMD + ALT + W, R
New CF Project CTRL + ALT + W, P CMD + ALT + W, P
New CFC CTRL + ALT + W, C CMD + ALT + W, C
New CFI CTRL + ALT + W, W CMD + ALT + W, W
New CFM CTRL + ALT + W, M CMD + ALT + W, M
SQL Editor CTRL + ALT + W, S CMD + ALT + W, S

Keyboard shortcuts for Extensions:

Command Keyboard shortcuts on Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Mac
Import Extension CTRL + SHIFT + E, M CMD + SHIFT + E, M
Install Extension CTRL + SHIFT + E, I CMD + SHIFT + E, I
Reload Extension CTRL + SHIFT + E, R CMD + SHIFT + E, R

Keyboard shortcuts for various Editor features:

Navigation enhancements:

Command Keyboard shortcuts on Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Mac
Go To Previous Member CTRL + SHIFT + UP CMD + SHIFT + UP
Jump To Next Attribute Value CTRL + ] CMD + ]
Jump To Previous Attribute Value CTRL + [ CMD + [
Jump to Matching tag CTRL + ALT + M CMD + ALT + M

Other Editor features:

Command Keyboard shortcuts on Windows Keyboard shortcuts on Mac
Launch in External Browser CTRL + ALT + E CMD + ALT + E
Lowercase CTRL + SHIFT + L CMD + SHIFT + L
Uppercase CTRL + SHIFT + U CMD + SHIFT + U
Select Tag Block CTRL + ALT + B CMD + ALT + B
Toggle Folding at Selection CTRL + ALT + F CMD + ALT + F
Tag Editor CTRL + SHIFT + T CMD + SHIFT + T

You can also download the pdf containing this list of keyboard shortcuts from


  1. I try to discover at least one or two new shortcuts each week so I can get more productive as time goes along. I've always wanted to print out the shortcuts list on paper and post it to my wall but I've been too lazy to find a comprehensive source.

    Great reference!

  2. Good to meet you at SOTR2011 Sagar. cheat sheet will come in handy, printed off and stuck on my desk you reference. Thanks ;)

  3. Awesome! Anyone know of a good one for CFB 1?

  4. @Troy,

    ColdFusion Builder 2 is public beta, why don't you download it.

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this concise list of shortcuts. I am giving CFB2 a try, coming from CFEclipse, and have been quite confused lately! I have the CFEclipse shortcuts so ingrained in my muscle memory that I'm contemplating overriding most of the Ctrl+T, ? shortcuts. I'm curious, why was it decided that a two step process was needed for these shortcuts? I don't see a lot of overlap that couldn't be avoided by collapsing Ctrl+T, ? into Ctrl+Shift+? . I understand the rationale behind using "+T" to indicate text insertion, however it's the two step piece that I'm not a big fan of. Either way, it's nice to be able to override!

  6. Looking at Preferences -> General -> Keys, I do see a lot over Ctrl+Shift+? used there now. Getting the picture... :)

  7. This is indeed a very helpful article. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  8. Thank you for posting this very useful article. These shortcuts are truly helpful. Cheers!

  9. Awwww Coldfusion!! My first language.

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